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Webinar with students (Eng, Students)

Hits: 1486When Teams meeting is held – students Open the calendar invitation  you received or open the link you received by mail. You are now probably asked if you want to use the native Teams app – use it if you have it installed (or install it and log in with your DMJX email – […]

New Student (Eng, Student)

Hits: 509New Student As a new student her at DMJX, there is a lot of information. Some of the information is from the IT department. You will find links to some of it here.   The official IT introduction as a video – Click here >> Change Password – Click Here >> Itslearning – DMJX […]

SSO/VPN – Single Sign On (Eng, Employee, Student)

Hits: 2472SSO/VPN – Single Sign On When you are connected to the school’s network, you have access to a number of services – eg online databases in the library or network drives (for employees). You can have the same access from home if you install our SSO solution. You can follow the instructions below or […]

Mail and calendar on your iPhone (Eng, Student, Employee)

Hits: 2462The guide below is for mail from Office 365 (dmjx.dk) Mail – in general: At Danish school of Media and Journalism we use Office 365 for your mail account. All student has an mail – and must check the mail every day. You can’t use you private mail account, because if something is wrong, […]

Mail from your computer (Eng, Student)

Hits: 2299If you want, you can read your mail from af computer or a tablet. You can read i her: mail.dmjx.dk Logon with your emailadresse (ex. latean@dmjx.dk) The password is the same as on Itslearning.

Change password (Eng, Student)

Hits: 2390If you want to change your password, you can do it at https://mit.dmjx.dk Remember – when you change your password, you will change to Itslearning, Wi-Fi, Videoplatform, your mail, Office 365 etc. You can change your password by doing: Login to: https://mit.dmjx.dk Use your username and password to login. Choose “My Profile” Choose Password […]

Print – Webprint – iPrint (Eng, Employee, Student)

Hits: 2464This article refers to the school’s one printing system called “iPrint” in CPH. If you need guidance on the printing system “SafeQ” / “SecurePrint” in Aarhus – click here >>   Below you can find a guide for printing at DMJX. You can also see a video about it – if you want that: […]

IT introduction (Eng, Student)

Hits: 2081At DMJX, we use many different digital tools. Therefore, all new ordinary students get a brief introduction. But you may not remember it all – therefore you can find links to help below. Link to the helppage at Itslearning. Here you can find small videos with instructions for Itslerning – Click here >> Here […]